Hey Everyone, it’s TOURNAMENT WEEK!

Come out and join us for our annual FAMILY DAY event on Dale Hollow Lake this Saturday May 7th.

A couple of points for this week:

-Chris will be hosting a “pre-registration time” on Friday May 6th from 3:00-5:00 down at Sunset. This can be for those who wish to avoid the line Saturday morning.

-This is a “double entry fee” tournament, so that will mean $80/angler

-$4000 WILL be guaranteed for 1st place prize. Other very nice cash places will be paid based on participants and a sample payout will be shown below.

-This tournament will be a 9 hour fishing day with a 6:00 blast off time.

-There’s a good chance weigh in process will be by using Netminders provided weigh in bags so please be on the lookout for that announcement either via social media, email or on site Saturday morning.

Tournament Details:

Dale Hollow Lake, Sunset Marina


Sample Payout Scenarios:

*Not exact but will be close based on actual number of boats

40 Boats

6 places and 1 big fish

$4000 1st

$2400 2nd

$1600 3rd

$1000 4th

$750 5th

$500 6th

1 BF

70 boats

10 places and 2 big fish

1st $4000

2nd $2500

3rd $1800

4th $1500

5th $1200

6th $1000

7th $750

8th $600

9th $500

10th $400

1st BF

2nd BF

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